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ReAlign Detox is excited to welcome new patients from San Clemente, California, to our drug detox program, conveniently located in Southern California in the charming and comfortable town of Laguna Niguel. Surely, we welcome patients from all over Southern California to experience the healing within our walls.

Our first-class Orange County addiction treatment facility offers beautiful scenery, group settings for support and discussion, dining, and private rooms. Everything is designed to promote health and comfort and newfound confidence.

At ReAlign Detox San Clemente, we understood the road to recovery is not easy. With that said our detox facility is established in one of the most pristine places in Southern California. Located in Orange County California, our detox facility offers one-of-a-kind views of the west coast. Our sober living detox facility demonstrates a warm and relaxing feeling that will make your detoxification process a bit easier.

Experienced Staff

Our San Clemente Medical Detox provides an experienced staff that is there to make you feel valued, understood, and personally cared for. While we work to evaluate and determine your treatment program, we want to make sure it is the most comfortable experience for you.

No two patients are the same, that is why our team works hard to determine the treatment and detox program that is best suited for your needs. No matter the substance abuse, we put our best foot forward to make sure you’re treated with the best medical detox treatment in Orange County.

Don’t feel like you have to go through the detoxification process alone. More than often, an individual who decided to detox on their own is prone to significant trauma like anxiety or seizures. Our 24/7 detox facility staff is here to help you no matter the circumstances.

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Detoxification At ReAlign

While the process of alcohol or drug detox is meant to rid your body of any toxins, our recovery center in Orange County wants to make sure you learn skills to remain sober. We realize no one person’s substance abuse disorder is the same. For this reason, we provide a variety of detox programs to accommodate everyone’s situation.

Our drug detox near San Clemente offers the smoothest recovery process for any type of substance abuse. At ReAlign Detox not only do we want you to recover physically but our programs also account for your mental health. These programs prepare you for long-term recovery and healthier life.

Giving our patients the best opportunity for recovery is a top priority at ReAlign Detox. To give our patients the best chance at recovery, we provide evidence-based treatment to make recovery possible.

Our specialized treatments include:

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A new life, full of confidence and health, is not far away. Here you will find compassion, understanding, encouragement, and expertise to help you on your way. We’re excited for you to discover a healthier life at our residential treatment center in Orange County. At ReAlign Detox, you can be more active, be more engaged, sleep better, and be there for your loved ones. Contact us to begin your healing journey.

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