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Nexalin Treatment

Realign Detox, LLC understands that the disease of Addiction centers in the brain and evidence indicates that Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia can be caused by irregularities in the brain’s neurochemicals. Realign Detox, LLC addresses this with the use of Nexalin Therapy. Nexalin supports the normalization of these chemicals without medication and their undesired side effects. The FDA approved Nexalin device emits a patented, frequency-based waveform that interacts with the deep centers of the mid-brain, normalizing various neurotransmitters in the brain to assist in the reduction of symptoms from Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia.

Who is Nexalin for?
Nexalin is for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or insomnia and want a natural, drug-free alternative to pills and medications. Rather than focusing on relieving only symptoms, Nexalin attempts to treat the underlying cause of the problem. Many patients have reported long term relief with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Nexalin Technology provides stimulation that appears to positively affect brain structures that are critical to maintaining normal mood behavior and brain performance. More specifically, the stimulation will attempt to balance the levels of neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and neuromodulators. This effect can be long lasting in the treatment of depression. Another important factor is that at the completion of Nexalin therapy, it appears the brain is in the process of stabilizing itself, which can result in long lasting benefit to the client.

How does it work?
Nexalin treatment administers a stimulating waveform which is non-invasive, safe and virtually undetectable. Patients are seated in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere and a pad is placed gently on the forehead and behind each ear. Most patients report a calm and relaxing treatment, some  sleep during the 40 minute treatment. Early clinical evidence suggests that the hypothalamus and mid-brain are gently stimulated with the wave form that seems to reset networks associated with symptoms. Some patients report that their treatment is long lasting without any serious side effects.

More facts about Nexalin:
•    Most patient protocols are 10-20 sessions over a 2-4 week period
•    Patients can resume all normal activities immediately following a treatment
•    In recent patient surveys, reports indicate an 60%-80% reduction in reported symptoms.

Our medically licensed and nationally accredited rehabilitation center, ReAlign Detox, is making this innovative and effective treatment available to all residents of the Southern California area. We look forward to helping you turn your life around.