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Detox: The Foundation For Recovery

Detoxification is one of the first and most important steps toward lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

A medically supervised detox at a licensed detox center can give a person’s life a fresh start. Our Orange County detox jumpstarts a person’s recovery by helping them to overcome their physical dependence on addictive substances.

No two people can take the same road to recovery, and that is true for a detox as well. Everyone experiences detox differently, which is why individualized detox programs are vital for treatment to be effective.

What Is Detox?

A drug detox, simply put, is the elimination of drugs and alcohol from the body. In a clinical setting like our detox in Orange County, the process is done safely. Professional detox services are the first stage in a complete addiction treatment plan.

When a person undergoes the detox process they abstain from unhealthy substances and cleanse their body of toxicity. This process lays the foundation for the rest of their recovery, which is why it is so important for a detox treatment to be done correctly.

It’s a means to an end of substance abuse, but not in itself. That’s why mental health treatment and therapy options are usually given in the treatment of substance use disorders.

The withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and even deadly. At no time should a person attempt to go “cold turkey” and detox by themselves at home.

Get The Right Kind Of Help

Detox Services

Specialized Detox Services at ReAlign

There are many factors to consider when a person is detoxing, such as how long they have been abusing substances, which substances they abused, how frequently they abuse them, and more. The expert staff at our Orange County detox facility has years of experience in determining the unique type of detoxification necessary for each individual. They know how to determine each patient’s particular needs and how to develop a detox plan to most effectively meet their needs.

Our expert staff oversees every individual’s physical needs, comfort, and safety. ReAlign detox uses these and other methods to ensure that all of our patients receive the best detox experience available. Some of the specialized services that we provide are:

IMS Treatment

IMS, an acronym for “incidental medical services,” helps address medical issues that are related to a patient’s substance abuse. Though we do not provide primary medical care, we take a look at one’s medical history to get a better understanding of our client’s overall health — including sleeping habits, hygiene, digestive problems, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.

What To Expect During Detox

During detox, an alcoholic or drug addict is safely guided through the uncomfortable and often dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. This frees their mind to focus on the psychological aspects of recovery and allows them to make important life decisions from a place of clarity.


Evaluation of the addicted individual, so that a comprehensive understanding of their substance usage and mental health can be used for safe and effective detox.


Treatment of withdrawal symptoms with the use of psychotherapy and potentially medication.


Planning for rehabilitation options as doctors and staff become familiarized with the recovering patient.

Our Southern California detox treatment center in Orange County does everything possible to help the detox process go more smoothly. This may involve medications that reduce cravings, help with sleep, stabilize mood, and more.

Patients are supervised 24-hours a day by our licensed clinical team to monitor withdrawal symptoms. Each substance causes different symptoms during detox, but they often share common side effects:

Get The Right Help!

When done correctly, detoxing is an integral part of the recovery process. When done incorrectly, it can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. The risk of detox is serious enough for all abusers that it should never be attempted alone.

Anybody who is wanting to break free from the chains of addiction to alcohol or drugs should only do so with the help of a licensed detox retreat in Orange County, California where the process is safe, monitored, and supervised 24 hours a day by licensed medical professionals.

Detox is only the first step in overcoming a substance abuse dependence. After a clinically managed detox, the individual is ready to progress along the path to recovery. ReAlign’s drug detox in Orange County will assist all of our clients in finding the right treatments for long-term recovery.

You don’t have to go it alone. Contact us today to get your life back on the right track.

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