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The word opiate refers to narcotic alkaloid compounds that react with opioid receptors in the brain and body. Opiates also fall under the broader term opioid which refers to all substances that bind to opioid receptors—both synthetic and naturally occurring. Opiate drugs like heroin, codeine and morphine are naturally derived from the opium poppy plant.

They have been a drug of abuse for a long period of time in human history. What started as raw opium made from the poppy plant eventually became a precise extraction, creating concentrated opiates. Millions of people would then use the concentrated drugs as pain relievers, and we still do to this day. 

What’s unique about opiates is that they’re all evenly metabolized into morphine in the body. Their synthetic and semi-synthetic relatives may be metabolized and converted into a wider range of opioid metabolites.

Here’s a list of some more common opioids and semi-synthetic opioids:

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While all types of opioids have slightly different effects and side effects on the body, they can all build similar life threatening addictions.

Doctors prescribe both opiates and opioids to treat pain from all types of ailments. Many people are given prescription opioids by their doctors to relieve severe pain after a serious injury or surgery. But what can start as pain relief can quickly turn into opioid and opiate addiction.

Opiates are easy to build a tolerance to as well. When used routinely opiates and opioids become less effective.

 Prescription opioids typically scale up dosage or move to stronger alternatives over a long period of time. Recreational use and large doses of opioids for pleasure can drastically change the projection for physical dependence and mental addiction.

Opioid and opiate addiction has become an epidemic in the United States. Opioids cause an excess amount of dopamine to be released in the brain, causing a euphoric feeling in the user.

Opiate addiction, like alcoholism, can be all-consuming and life threatening when you try to stop “cold turkey.” A cold turkey approach completely stops usage without tapering down dosage over time. Symptoms of withdrawal can cause physical, mental, and emotional discomfort along with anxiety, hallucinations and shakiness. Sometimes even seizures and heart failure may occur.

Because of this gruesome fact, we recommend people go through detox with the monitoring of a trained professional. Our crew can offer support and potentially use medication-assisted treatment to further lessen withdrawal symptoms.

Short term exposure to the effects of opiates may not cause addiction. However, the nostalgic memory of its feeling usually turns opiate use into a long term habit. A person with a history of addiction or mental health issues in the family can be more susceptible. Environmental factors can also make struggling with stress complicated, sometimes leading to habitual opioid abuse.

But no matter the reason for addiction to opiates or opioids, the consequences are lethal and damaging.

Opiate Detox

One of the more common detoxification protocols that we deal with at ReAlign Detox is an opiate detox. Whether the patient became addicted through curiosity or as a result of prescribed medication, opiate addiction is serious, dangerous, and debilitating.

Detoxifying oneself from opioids and their metabolites is the first step in recovery from addiction. With the physical dependence opiates build, this detox stage can be very hard. Thankfully, professional experts can provide compassionate supervision to help those going through the opiate detox and withdrawal process.

At our Orange County Detox Center, we have experienced staff available 24 hours a day to tend to your needs through detox. This stage can be very important in the steps towards a lasting recovery. Our treatment program provides specialized treatment and comforting medications.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from opiate addiction can prove especially challenging. The fear of experiencing severe opiate withdrawal symptoms often prevents people from getting treatment.

There are also more serious, long-term symptoms of opiate withdrawal including anxiety and depression.

Many opiate addicts also experience intense cravings that can continue for months. All of these symptoms make a relapse a huge risk for people withdrawing from opiates. Because of these serious risks, a medication-assisted and professionally supervised detox is highly recommended for people coming off of a serious addiction. 

Opiate Addiction Treatment at ReAlign

ReAlign is passionate about helping our neighbors in Orange County, California rid themselves of their toxic addictions. Anyone going through opiate addiction needs emotional and physical support.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities with top-notch care to help patients recover. Our location features private room care for personal caregiving. It also hosts common areas for support groups, meals, massage, yoga, and a variety of other therapies.

Our well-rounded program has helped many patients find a turning point in their lives. Many of them have seen long-term freedom from addiction. Detox is the first and one of the most important steps in a lasting recovery.

Abstaining from unhealthy substances and cleansing the body needs to be done properly. Cold turkey approaches at home can be fatal if not only unbearably physically and mentally uncomfortable. So, consult a trained professional here to discuss a recommended detox program.

No two people take the same road to recovery. We’ve grown accustomed to all personality types and situations in helping many recovering addicts. Our medical directors provide curated treatment to each individual.

Because of this, we’re able to deliver a level of safety and comfort unparalleled to other drug rehab centers. The opiate treatment program features innovative solutions to rid you of addiction in a safe and healthy manner. We can craft individualized health and nutrition plans, and vitamin infusion. We’ve considered anything to keep both your mind and body in ideal health.

We accept most major insurance plans. If you or a loved one is going through opiate addiction, give us a call. We can discuss a treatment program that works for you over the phone to get started now. 

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