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What Is Ocymorphone (Opana)?

Oxymorphone, otherwise known by its popular brand name, Opana, is a powerful opioid painkiller that has a high propensity to be addictive. Because oxymorphone is used to treat chronic pain, people tend to use it over long periods of time. This creates a wider window for abuse to occur and makes it easier for a potential addict to obtain it for a sustained period.

Any individual who suffers from an oxymorphone addiction should seek medical help as soon as possible. Like other opioids, a person can develop a physical dependency for oxymorphone that makes it dangerous to just stop using without assistance.

Effects of Withdrawal

When a person is trying to stop using Opana, they are liable to experience a variety of harmful physical and mental side effects that put their health in danger. Here are some of the common effects that a person is liable to experience in an oxymorphone withdrawal:

Get The Right Kind Of Help

Detox Services

Oxymorphone Detoxification

In general, it typically takes around 9 to 11 hours for oxymorphone to initially leave the body, when under medical supervision. However, even after this period, it can take a handful of days under supervision for a person to safely be cleared of oxymorphone. Oftentimes, this detoxification process is done with the assistance of withdrawal medications, which help safely transition a person off of their dependency for a harmful substance.


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If you suffer from a dependence to oxymorphone/Opana or know somebody who does, then don’t hesitate to reach out for help, today! At ReAlign Detox, we strive to help our patients transition safely so that they can begin their next step on the road to recovery. We use the most advanced and medically sound detox methods that are currently available, and handle every case with the utmost level of care.

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