Incidental Medical Services

Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

ReAlign Detox provides Incidental Medical Services (IMS) that help to address medical issues that are related to substance abuse or misuse. Our IMS services are available 24/7 and include supplemental services for people who need emergency treatment.

It is important to note that as part of our incidental medical services, we do not provide general primary medical care. However, there are many important benefits that our IMS services bring, which are outlined below.

Provide Substance Abuse Treatment

The fundamental purpose of IMS is to provide our patients with a more well-rounded treatment process. No substance abuse problem exists in isolation, and in order to effectively address and treat the problem, we must address and treat the secondary problems that the addiction has caused.

For example, many people who have made a habit of abusing drugs or alcohol have poor sleeping habits, hygiene, and intestinal problems. Our IMS program allows us to address these issues and help our patients detox more thoroughly.

Get The Right Kind Of Help

Detox Services

View Our Patients’ Medical Histories

It is important that we obtain our patients’ medical histories for a few reasons, all of which revolve around how alcohol, drugs, and other substances interact with different people’s bodies. Drugs affect different people in different ways, and having access to a person’s medical history allows us to better understand how the substances might affect them. For example, somebody with type 2 diabetes stands a greater risk of having a high blood sugar or other related problems that can be caused by drinking alcohol. This is only one example of how knowing a person’s medical history can be used to provide them with more accurate, thorough, and effective care.

Get Our Clients the Help They Need

Sometimes, our clients will be required to be admitted into the hospital to receive medical care that we cannot provide. When this happens, we are able to help them to get the help they need. We monitor all of our clients to varying degrees, with our most unstable clients being monitored the most frequently. If a member of our staff finds any one of our patients to be in a bad enough position, we can have them transferred to a hospital so they can receive adequate medical care.

Prescribe Medications

Medically-assisted treatment is incredibly beneficial for people who are detoxing. We are able to prescribe medications to our patients as we see fit. Of course, we strictly regulate how and when our patients are able to take the medications, and everything is done under the direct supervision of a medical professional. When used appropriately, drugs can and do offer many important benefits. Our IMS program allows us to use those benefits to the advantage of our clients.

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