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Detox Services – Orange County, CA

ReAlign Detox is proud to welcome residents of Orange County into our specialized drug detox program. We’re now serving members of our program from Newport Beach and throughout Southern California. Our clinic and consultation services are conveniently located for patients in Southern California, in a location we have chosen specifically for being helpful in the healing process.

Healing from drug, alcohol, and opiate use and addiction is an in-depth process that requires expertise and care. We want every patient to feel valued, understood, and personally cared for in our facility. While we work to help your body experience physical healing and freedom, we also support your mental and emotional health. Both aspects of your health go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to debilitating addiction that has taken hold of your life for weeks, months, or years.

We have implemented proven, safe, and effective therapies that have worked for many of our past and current patients. You will receive one-on-one support and care from one of our staff members, as well as the support of groups of people who are reaching for healing just as you are. We understand that recovery is also a very personal and intimate process, and our Orange County facility also offer private rooms for those clients who wish to reserve one. Contact us now to begin your healing process with a personalized drug detox program.