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Welcome to ReAlign Detox in Orange County, California. Our Detox Center offers unique services, world-class treatment, and practical solutions to provide a safe detox experience. Our team is committed to providing an unbeatable drug or alcohol detox experience to help you take your first steps on your road to recovery. Please continue reading to learn more about our treatment facility and how we’ve helped hundreds of clients start their path to recovery.

At ReAlign Detox, we understand that your road to recovery can be a difficult or unpleasant process. With that said, our location is one of the best spots in Orange County, located in Southern Californias premier coastal location. Only a short drive from the beach, ReAlign Detox offers excellent residential addiction treatment.

Our detox centers exude a feeling of warmth and serenity. They include furnished homes with amenities like a massive living room and a private outdoor patio with a view. Not only is the facility itself equipped with the best accommodations, but the area is terrific.

Faculty and Staff

With ReAlign Detox, you are not alone. As a state-licensed, accredited residential drug rehab and alcohol rehab facility, we provide a clinically managed assistive treatment team. Our staff will ensure that you receive medical treatment tailored to your individual needs during your path to recovery.

We pledge to guide patients through the trials of withdrawal painlessly. Our faculty makes sure you don’t feel like you are just another statistic and give you the level of care you deserve. Not only do we provide outstanding levels of care, but we also have 24/7 on-site medical staff available at your needs.

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Detox Services

Simply put, a drug or alcohol detox is the elimination of drugs and alcohol from the body. The reason for this is to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when someone stops their abuse of drugs or alcohol. The detoxification at ReAlign Detox involves three main steps to kickstart your detoxification. They include evaluating the addict, stabilizing patients’ physical and mental health, and preparing and expecting treatment programs.

Our rehab programs aim to help you treat several different types of substance abuse. Our goal is to help you get rid of any toxins left behind from the drug or alcohol that was abused. To ensure that we cater to all of our patients, we’ve refined several different detox services tailored to the each individual substance.

Similar to our detox services, we wanted to provide other addiction treatment programs aligned with your needs and your unique situation. No one patient is the same, and we want to cater to that. So we’ve formulated other forms of treatment plans like:


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If you or your loved ones are suffering from addiction, we can help you. Using are different detox services and treatment plans, we tailor our recovery programs to your specific needs. Our qualified and professional staff at ReAlign Detox Center can help you overcome your addiction with safe and effective detox treatments.

Not only is our addiction treatment center include some of the best levels of care in Southern California, but we work with you to accomplish your goals. Please do not hesitate with your questions or concerns and contact us today to help reclaim your life at ReAlign Detox Center.

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