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At ReAlign Detox, our mission is to provide comprehensive and effective detoxification services to residents of Orange County and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to help as many people successfully detox from harmful substances as we can, giving them the treatment they need to start the recovery journey on the right foot.

Our desire to serve as many people as possible is why we try to work with as many insurance companies as possible. One of the insurance companies we have chosen to work with is Premera Blue Cross.

All About Premera

Premera is one of the many not-for-profit insurance companies that are licensed under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Based in Washington, Premera Blue Cross is the largest health insurance plan in the Pacific Northwest, serving over 2 million Americans and employing around 3,600 people. They offer a wide variety of treatment plans, including ones that cover substance abuse treatment.


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Plans for Detox

As a not-for-profit organization, their number one priority is helping their clients get the treatment they need, whatever it may be. They understand the importance of substance abuse rehabilitation, so they offer programs that help to cover the cost. There are plans available through Premera Blue Cross that help to cover the expense of detox and other substance abuse treatments.

Many of the available plans are comprehensive, covering a variety of treatments and detox services, including services for:

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If you are covered by Premera Blue Cross insurance, you may be able to get help with paying for the cost of our services. We never want the cost of treatment to prevent Southern California residents from getting the help they need, which is why we work with so many insurance companies, including Premera.

For more information about whether or not your Premera insurance plan will help to cover the cost of treatment, call us today or fill out the verification form below.

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