We Accept Health Net at ReAlign Detox

We realize that substance abuse rehabilitation can be expensive. We never want the cost of our services to prevent people from getting the treatment they need to overcome their dependencies on substances.

That is why we strive to work with as many insurance companies as we can, to help our clients get effective and efficient treatment at an affordable rate. One of the many insurance companies we work with is Health Net Insurance. If you are currently covered by this insurance, call us today to see how affordable our treatment is.

All About Health Net

Health Net is an insurance company that covers residents of California and some of the surrounding states. It is a great insurance company with an underlying goal to help its clients feel comfortable, healthy, and secure.

With their good coverage, wide network, and easily-navigable website, they make it easy to get the treatment you need at a price you can afford.

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Plans for Detox

In an effort to achieve their goal of helping their clients feel comfortable, healthy, and secure, Health Net offers wellness tools and a good selection of health insurance plans that include coverage for substance abuse rehabilitation. Their understanding of the necessity of detox and rehab is what makes us proud to work with them and accept clients with their insurance.

Their comprehensive addiction recovery insurance programs cover a variety of treatments, including treatment for:

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If you are covered by Health Net insurance and are suffering from a substance abuse addiction, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the help you need to reclaim your life and overcome your addiction. Call us today to see what your insurance plan covers and how we can work with Health Net to make treatment.

Additionally, you can fill out this insurance verification form to see if our program is covered under your insurance.

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