We Accept Anthem at ReAlign Detox

Here at ReAlign Detox, we are proud to provide detoxification services to as many people throughout Southern California as we possibly can. Because of this, we try to establish partnerships with a wide variety of insurance companies.

One important company that we partner with is Anthem, formerly known as WellPoint Incorporated, as they cover thousands of individuals in the Orange County area.

All About Anthem

Anthem is one of the largest companies in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which is a federation of 36 separate insurance companies. As such, Anthem is held to a high standard that must be obtained to be a licensee of that association. Similar to other companies in Blue Cross Blue Shield, they use the bronze through platinum plan level system, which goes like this:

Bronze Plans

60% of expenses are covered. Deductibles are high. Premiums are low.

Silver Plans

 70% of expenses are covered. Deductibles and premiums are average.

Gold Plans

 80% of expenses are covered. Deductibles are low. Premiums are high.

Platinum Plans

90% of expenses are covered. Deductibles are super low. Premiums are very high.

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Plans for Detox

Regardless of the specific bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level plan that you have, the specific details of what your insurance covers might vary. Thankfully, Anthem offers plans with comprehensive addiction recovery care. These plans will include treatment for detoxification, which is necessary to safely wean off of harmful substances. Anthem plans that include detox can cover a variety of different substances, including the following:

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If you or someone you know in Southern California suffers from addiction and is in need of detoxification services, then don’t hesitate to contact our team to see if your insurance plan works with our program. You can either give us a call or fill out the insurance verification form by clicking on the link below.

All of our checks are free and confidential!

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