We Accept Aetna at ReAlign Detox

ReAlign Detox works hard to bring quality detox services to the people of Southern California so that people can wean their dependence to harmful substances in a safe environment.

A major aspect of this is finding ways to accept as many people into our program as possible. Aetna Insurance covers millions of people in California and is thusly a big part of these efforts. We work with a large contingent of Aetna plans for our clients

All About Aetna

Aetna insures roughly 39 million people throughout the world. The American company is actually a subsidiary of CVS Health, as of late 2018. They provide families and individuals with a variety of insurance services, including medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and behavioral health programs (which is specifically useful for getting treatment for addiction and substance abuse), among other things.

Aetna boasts an enormous treatment network, with around 1,200,000 healthcare professionals around the world, including hundreds of thousands of specialized physicians, such as addiction detox professionals. They also offer plans that allow you to seek treatment outside of their network.

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Plans for Detox

Aetna offers plans that cover comprehensive addiction recovery treatment. These comprehensive plans will generally also include coverage for detoxification services for a wide variety of substances, including the following:

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We have experienced medical directors and staff available 24 hours a day to provide services such as follow-up visits, comfort meds, and aftercare for any health concerns. Private room care is available, we accept referrals, and we accept many major insurance plans for payment. Contact us today and let us help you on your road to recovery.

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