Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

We welcome all residents of Huntington Beach who are seeking help recovering from opiate addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and other drug dependencies. No matter the length of your substance abuse, our state-of-the-art detox center near Huntington Beach Ca is aimed to help you detox and recover from substance abuse.

Our Southern California drug and alcohol detox program is designed to help patients recover both physically and mentally. Our detox facility facilitates individuals to find new health and greater confidence on the other side of their dependency.

Detox Process

Our drug and alcohol treatment center in California helps to jumpstarts a person’s recovery by guiding them through our personalized detoxification process. Not everybody has the same problems and addiction. That’s why we offer various types of addiction treatment and detox programs at ReAlign Detox.


The first thing we do at our sober living facility is screen all incoming patients for a physical and mental review. From there, our doctors will use blood tests to determine the extent of drugs or alcohol that the patient has in their system. This will allow our experienced staff to put together a long-term treatment plan that works for the patient.


The next step in the detox process includes the stabilization of the patient’s physical and mental health. The primary focus of this step is to prevent any form of harm that might present itself in the detoxification process. We want to prevent any type of difficulty that can be prevented so that the detoxification process can run smoothly.

Preparing for Treatment

The last and final step is the preparation of the treatment program. At this point in the process, our doctors and staff will familiarize the patient with their treatment services and what to expect from the process. Talking and going over the residential treatment process can assist in reducing any stress or anxiety they might be feeling.

Get The Right Kind Of Help

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Seeking a detox treatment program is integral to live a healthier lifestyle free from addiction. Medical detoxification should never be done without any supervision or medical expertise. When done correctly, this treatment has proven to be a vital part of the addiction recovery process. At ReAlign Detox in Orange County, we do precisely that. Our caring and knowledgeable medical staff work hard to determine the best program to take for recovery.

If you or your loved one is located in Aliso Viejo, Ca, and are looking to recover from addiction ReAlign Detox is here to help. You do not have to go through it alone. Contact us today to get you or loved to live a happy and healthier lifestyle.

Detoxification At ReAlign

Our Detox Facility in Orange County is designed to treat a number of different substances that are being abused. Different substances require different treatment, this is why at ReAlign Detox we developed individualized treatment plans for a number of commonly abused substances.

Not only do we offer specialized treatment for drug and alcohol abuse but we also provide specialized treatment that can be a better option for some patients. Our specialized treatments include:

Our rehab center near Huntington Beach, California presents an amazing opportunity for individuals to receive the right detox treatment. ReAlign Detox understands that not everyone goes through the same addiction and that is why we provide a wide range of substance treatments.

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Drug dependency and abuse are limiting, debilitating, and even dangerous to recover from if it’s not done right. At the ReAlign’s detox facility we offer safe, proven, and monitored detoxification processes under the supervision of medically trained staff members.

Don’t try to quit cold turkey on your own. Don’t blame yourself for not being able to recover without help. Without the proper help, it’s common for victims to experience great trauma, including hallucinations, anxiety, shaking, seizures, and even death. Let us help by monitoring your recovery and providing medical and emotional support when you need it.

Your stay with us can include dietary needs, private rooms, common rooms, yoga sessions, massage, and other customized therapies. Let us help you. Contact our Orange County office today.

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