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Medical Detox
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Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

ReAlign Detox is excited to welcome new patients from San Clemente, CA, to our drug detox program, conveniently located in Southern California in the charming and comfortable town of Laguna Niguel. Indeed, we welcome patients from all over Southern California to experience the healing within our walls. Our first-class facility offers beautiful scenery, group settings for support and discussion, dining, and private rooms. Everything is designed to promote health and comfort and newfound confidence.

We are so proud of our drug detox program and the lives it has reclaimed from drug addiction and abuse. Our patients have dealt with opiate addiction, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and other drug dependencies. Whatever your circumstance, let us help. We provide a customized detox program, including medical evaluation and monitoring, alternative therapies, and emotional support. It’s simply the safest way to recover.

Let us help you. A new life, full of confidence and health, is not far away. Contact us to begin your healing journey. Here you will find compassion, understanding, encouragement, and expertise to help you on your way. We’re excited for you to discover a healthier life where you can be more active, be more engaged, sleep better, and be there for your loved ones.