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Alcohol Detox – Orange County

Residents of Orange County and Newport Beach now have access to first-rate detoxification and therapeutic treatment for alcohol dependency. Alcohol dependency is one of the most harmful and dangerous addictions that we deal with, and the detox must be undertaken with care. At our facility, under the care of our trained, licensed, and compassionate staff, we can help you successfully overcome this addiction.

We applaud your first efforts to free yourself from this addiction. It can begin with merely the recognition of a blockade in your life, of a problem that is keeping you from being your healthiest, happiest self. Your desire to cleanse your body from alcohol is what will give you the strength you need to complete your full detoxification.

It’s important that you do not attempt to detoxify your body on your own. Alcohol detox can be painful and even harmful without the proper monitoring and support. Victims may experience hallucinations, seizures, shakiness, delirium, heart failure, and even death. Your physical and mental state will be much stronger when you are clean, but the turning point to get there is extremely difficult. To avoid health problems, come stay with us and undergo our detoxification program. We can help you beat this addiction with the safest, most effective medical interventions utilized today.