Tips to Find the Right Detox Facility

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Not all detox facilities are created equal, and you need the best support you can get when going through this process. When selecting a detox facility to help you get clean, choose one that is medically certified, so you can have the best care available. There are other aspects to consider as well, so you can find a medical detox facility that is a good fit for you.

Quality of Staff

A good medical detox facility will be headed up by knowledgeable doctors and administrators with a strong background in addiction treatment. Psychiatric credentials are important as well, since addiction is often tied up with co-occurring mental disorders. The doctor(s) in the facility should be supported by a staff of RNs and aids that are also experienced in addiction recovery, and who receive regular continuing education to stay up-to-date.

Many times, staff bios will be available online, and you can ask for additional information regarding staff and practices of the detox center. The main advantage of going to a specifically dedicated medical detox center is that the staff there will have experience treating patients in your condition, so make sure the staff at the facility you choose are meeting these qualifications.

Reputation and Success Rate

The success rate of a medical detox center is important, but remember that success for addiction recovery is measured in several different ways. Relapse is sometimes part of the process for recovering addicts, so a detox center isn’t going to have 100% of its patients never using drugs again.

Success can be measured by how well patients were cared for during detox, how well their needs were anticipated, and how well each individual case was managed. Choose a medical detox center that has a good reputation for providing well-rounded, compassionate care and for having the best medical advancements employed at the center. Ask for referrals within the recovery community and check reviews.

Extended Services

Medical detox is about getting drugs and alcohol out of your body, but it’s also about gaining some stable footing to begin your recovery process. Find a medical detox center that offers extended services to get you started on the right track. Mental health care is crucial, because you’re going to need it during those very first days of recovery and beyond. In addition, group and individual counseling for family members can begin to restore balance to family dynamics and repair the damage that addiction has done.