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ReAlign Detox, LLC understands that the disease of addiction centers in the brain. Evidence indicates that anxiety, depression, and insomnia can be caused by irregularities that substance abuse addictions frequently cause in the brain’s neurochemicals.

We address these common issues with the use of Nexalin Therapy in Orange County. Nexalin Therapy is one the best non-invasive, alternative drug-free treatment to improve brain health. If you are looking for a safe and effective non-invasive alternative Nexalin therapy is for you.

What is Nexalin Therapy?

Nexalin Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment method that uses a frequency-based waveform to normalize the chemicals—without the use of medications. Nexalin Treatment is for anyone who is suffering from a mental health disorder and is looking to naturally improve balance to their mental or physical health without medication.

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How Does Nexalin Therapy Work?

During Nexalin Therapy, the Nexalin device emits a waveform that interacts with the deep centers of the mid-brain. The device normalizing various neurotransmitters to assist in the reduction of symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is noninvasive, safe, and virtually undetectable.


Patients are placed in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. A pad is placed gently on the forehead and behind each ear. During a typical Nexalin session, patients sit or lie down and relax while the waveform interacts with their brain for about 40 minutes.

Early clinical evidence suggests that the hypothalamus and mid-brain are gently stimulated with the waveform that seems to reset networks associated with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Some patients have reported that their treatment is long-lasting without any serious side effects.

The Benefits of Nexalin Therapy

Rather than focusing on relieving symptoms, Nexalin attempts to treat the underlying root cause(s) of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Nexalin stimulates the brain that appears to positively affect brain structures that are critical to maintaining normal mood behavior and brain performance.

More specifically, the stimulation attempts to balance the levels of neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and neuromodulators. This effect can be long-lasting in the treatment of depression. In addition, it has been observed that Nexalin therapy can help the patient’s brain stabilize itself, which often leads to long-lasting benefits.

Nexalin Treatment at ReAlign Detox

At ReAlign Detox, we understand that everybody’s situation is different. No two people go through the same hardships and struggles as the other. That’s why offering Nexalin Therapy, a non-invasive drug-free alternative treatment, is important to live a happy and healthier life. To learn more about how you can receive Nexalin Treatment, contact us today and our representative will answer any questions and concerns you have.