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Opiate Detox

If you or a loved one in Southern California is a victim of opiate or opioid addiction, contact ReAlign Detox today to develop a customized detox treatment plan. Our opiate detox plan can help you find a safe and effective way to be free of this dependency for good and to live a healthier, fuller, more satisfied life while being free from the pain which you have felt enslaved to for so long. We keep your safety and comfort as a top priority, and our treatment plans involve keeping both your mind and body at ease. Apart from proper health and nutrition plans, we offer innovative solutions to opiate addiction, such as vitamin infusion and nexilin therapy.

Opiate addiction can begin either through an individual’s recreational use or from taking opiates as a prescribed drug. Common medicinal forms are oxycodone and morphine, which are given for pain. Unfortunately, in many instances, these medicines are prescribed where the patient may not have needed such a strong painkiller and did not realize the danger of addiction. As a result, you may now feel like opiates are the only solution to your pain. You can experience a severely uncomfortable opiate withdrawal when you refrain from taking the medication.

At ReAlign, we will help you reach freedom from drug dependence through a safe, proven, medically-monitored detox program. We have experienced medical directors and staff available 24 hours a day to meet with you in follow-up visits and provide comfort meds and after care. The first step is to recognize the addiction and the physical dependence on this drug. Once the patient or loved one identifies this problem, ReAlign can help. We utilize some detoxification medicines in our facility combined with various other effective therapies, including nutrition, massage, yoga, one-on-one counseling, and group support.

Contact us if you’re ready to find new freedom and confidence on the other side of opiate addiction. Private room care is available, we take referrals, and we accept many major insurance plans for payment.