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Medical Detox
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Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

If you or a loved one is ready to experience healing from addiction and a healthier lifestyle, then come to ReAlign Detox. In the quaint town of Laguna Niguel, we’re welcoming patients from all over Southern California, including the Anaheim area. If you’re in Anaheim, then you’re not far from the ideal setting for healing and recovery.

At ReAlign Detox, we emphasize the importance of recovering from drug abuse, opiate addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse with the supervision of medical experts. It can be even more harmful to the affected individual to attempt to go “cold turkey” from whatever addiction has taken hold. Withdrawal symptoms can not only be severely uncomfortable, but even dangerous, with some alcoholics experiencing seizures or heart failures during the withdrawal phase. We recommend undertaking our detox process with the monitoring and support of compassionate counselors and trained medical staff.

Our facility supports individuals who need recovery time in private, as well as those who thrive on group and community support. You can reserve a private room for an extended stay period, including meals and medical attention. We have common rooms, yoga classes, massage sessions, and beautiful scenery all to help support recovery and wellness.

We invite you to call us to discuss your specific addiction and needs and to begin our effective drug detox program on your road to permanent healing.